Be a Dreamer. Be a Doer. Be an Outlier.

Outlier CSV Challenge is a platform for youth to innovate solutions for one of three persistent social issues in Hong Kong. Through the challenge, we send a statement that there are entrepreneurial and socially-driven young minds committed to the undertaking of improving Hong Kong.

In the challenge, 210 youth participants work in teams of five to hack and pitch profitable and socially impactful business ideas that create shared value for a better society.


Creating Shared Value (CSV), is a new way to achieve economic success. The principle of shared value blurs the line between for-profit and non-profit organisations as the competitive position of a company and the health of the community are interdependent. By addressing the social needs and challenges, companies can generate economic value by creating societal value.



A lot of corporations talk about corporate social responsibility (CSR), but few talk about creating shared value (CSV). The hallmarks of CSR practice is an obligation to ‘give back’. to display good corporate citizenship or achieve public relations outcomes but it does not embed societal challenges into the core of business objectives.

Three Tracks

Youth Development

New World Development

Diversity & Inclusion

Sun Life Financial

Technology for Healthcare

Amazon Web Services