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AIESEC in HKBU 22.23

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​​Let’s kickstart your university life! 🌟
We make social and personal development with students from HKBU and other universities, all while gaining practical skills for our future!

We want to see the best in everyone. If you are looking for self-realisation and growth, then look no further than AIESEC in HKBU!

“Nothing will happen if you don’t start”

— Rachel Fung, Local Committee President 22.23

What do we value here?

Inclusiveness! 🌍
We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities, no matter the background.

Proactiveness! ✊
We think that taking initiatives sparks growth, like in cross-university events or exchange.

Authenticity! 💥
We strive to be the best versions of ourselves, including being transparent with who we are.

Our recruitment talks in August and September where we reach out to new potential members on campus!
Induction Conference
Our local conference in October where we welcome the term’s new members into the community!
Functional Summit
Our national workshop where different departments from universities meet to gain new skills!
Winter National Conference
Our mid-year event in January where members get to bond with one another and reflect on their half term!
Outgoing Preparation Seminar
Our national seminar in May to prepare AIESECers and fellow students for overseas exchange!
Youth to Sustainability Summit
Our national event where we organize socially impactful activities for graduating secondary students!
Past Events Highlights
Youth 4 Hong Kong 21.22
Past Events Highlights
Local Committee Mass Meeting 20.21
Past Events Highlights
Summer Conference 19.20
Past Events Highlights
Summer Leadership Development Seminar 21.22

What’s in our AIESEC Touch?

Let’s see what’s in store with our recruitment talks!

get to know us! 👩
meet this year’s team in
personal group setting!

meet new students! 👋
connect with youngsters curious just like you!

know what we do! 📔
discover the things we do in our community!

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What's next?

Sign up for our recruitment talks! 📩
Don’t forget to join our upcoming AIESEC Touch to meet us and find out how to make your year worthwhile!

Visit us on campus! 🏫
Don’t miss out on the chance to see us in HKBU’s Li Promenade this mid-August to early September!

Contact us! 📱
Don’t hesitate to contact Rachel for any questions through [email protected] or +852 9808 9768!

See you this Autumn 2022!