If you are a company

Our Global Talent program helps companies fulfil their Human Resources needs with skilled young talent. Hire global interns and gain a competitive advantage in your market.

If you're an educational institution or organization

Our Global Teacher program helps educational institutions or organizations fulfil their needs for teachers with skilled young people from all around the world.

Our Impact - Example with International SOS

Globalize Your Workforce

Our network gives you instant access to young talent from over 120 countries and territories from all around the world.

Hassle Free Hiring Process

From visa application support, housing assistance and cultural immersion activities to our overseas talents, our talent solutions make your international hiring experience feel like a local one.


1. Confirming Opportunity

List out your requirements and job details assisting us to find the best talent of our partners’ needs.

2. Global Talent Sourcing

Source the talent in a pool of over 2,500,000 candidates from over 120 countries and territories.

3. Talent Screening

Receive batches of CVs upon our prescreening services to save our partners’ time on selecting the talent.

4. Visa and Logistics

We will help in facilitating visa application and logistical arrangements before the talent’s arrival. 

5. Talent Support in HK

Our local team will be on hand to welcome and assist your intern when they arrive.

6. Experience Review

We want to ensure that our talent develops and grows as a young leader in your environment. Therefore we value mutual evaluation between employer, trainee and AIESEC.