Statement of AIESEC’s response to The COVID-19 Outbreak

As the world is faced with an issue of great scale and human impact, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), AIESEC continues to respond to the outbreak ensuring no members, employees, customers or partners are put at risk while involved in AIESEC activities.

In specific, AIESEC has mandated all exchange opportunities to start by 1st September, 2020 earliest.

Further, AIESEC has:

– Made changes to our application portal, www.aiesec.org, to prevent any application for volunteering projects or internships starting earlier than 1st of September 2020.

– Continued to warn all potential customers on the risk associated with traveling on all AIESEC social media channels.

With the above global adjustments, AIESEC in Hong Kong will continue to assist our customers and partners alike who might be faced with inconveniences caused by the COVID-19 spread and its consequences. 

At AIESEC, we aim at developing youth leadership through cross-cultural exchanges. Given that exchanges are currently compromised given our utmost priority on keeping everyone hale and healthy, we are, nevertheless, unwaveringly committed to empowering our youth and our community with adjusted forms of engagements so that it can remain strong and positive. After all, leadership is also about adapting in face of challenges and empowering oneself and others.