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CSR Abroad with AIESEC Hong Kong

Second Round Recruitment is now opened! Please note that in order to be considered for CSR Abroad, you must attend the recruitment talk on 2nd or 17th of March at City University, Lecture Theatre 6 and also fill out the application form which is due 21 March in order to be considered.

Corporate Social Responsibility, where businesses operate in a way to create a positive impact to the society and stakeholders.
What do you think we can do to make businesses in Hong Kong become more responsible for the society?

This summer, through AIESEC in Hong Kong’s Global Community Development Programme, you can become the one to bring impact to 2 communities at the same time.

‘CSR Abroad’ is an AIESEC Exchange programme where you will work in a local NGO abroad for 6-8 weeks to learn how other countries run CSR in their community. You will then return to Hong Kong to present your ideas and findings to the local companies in Hong Kong.

You will have the chance to engage yourself in a new culture, learn to work with different people, understand how CSR is run globally and become someone who can bring changes to the HK society.

NOTE: this opportunity is currently open for students and recent graduates from Hong Kong Baptist University, City University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University and *Chinese University of Hong Kong (*for CUHK this is only open for Current AIESEC Members). If you are from a different university, please contact your local AIESEC committee for further directions.

Interested? Read on to know more about how you can join “CSR Abroad”!

Registraion for Recruitment Talk –

The sign up sheet for the recruitment talk is now available! You can Register here. The 2nd Round Recruitment on the 17th of March will accept all applicants!.

Also, the application form is also now available here if you want to take a look at the form before hand.

Please note that both the application and attending the recruitment talk are mandatory in order to be considered for CSR Abraod.

Recruitment Talk – 17 March (2nd Round)

The location of the recruitment talk is yet to be determined. However, we will have the location announced by 20 February. It is required that anyone who would like to go abroad this summer for the CSR campaign to be at the recruitment talk. We also encourage you to bring your parents along if they have any questions or concerns.

Application Deadline – 21 March (2nd Round)

The application will be due by 21 March (2nd Round). If there are any questions, please feel free to email us.

Selection Interview – 24 March (2nd Round)

Don’t get us wrong, we do not have a limited quota. Instead, we are looking for students who show that they are truly looking for the experience that we are offering.

Preparation Seminar – 28 April

All students who pass the selection interview will be asked to attend the preparation seminar where we go over some of the things that you could expect to face during your travels.

Your Global Impact Story Begins Late May – Late July

This is when you get a chance to see a new culture, experience new challenges and learn more about yourself. Leave your impact and be ready to showcase your results to our professional partners.

CSR Dinner with Corporate Partners – Early September

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What is AIESEC Global Community Development Programme about?

International volunteering opportunities are the most intense learning experiences that connect the global network with AIESEC Hong Kong. This program unites cross-cultural positive impact with working abroad for social and community development projects. In this program members are offered the opportunity to develop personal skills and competences through multiculturalism and social responsibility.

Who will help me in my host country?

All the projects are based on a local committee nearby, which is there to help you during your projects. More concretely, the members of this hosting local committee organize your accommodation, pick you up from the airport / station, show you around in the city and accompany you to work on your first day. In addition, they will integrate you into their activities, organize events for you and the other interns and help you get to know the people and culture of your host country. If there should be any problems, there will always be someone to help you. We will keep in contact with you and support you in every possible way.

How much do I have to pay for such an exchange?

Stage Description Fee
1. Raise of Exchange Participant (EP) Upon contract signing and profile, EP Form creation in global database Fixed Fee to be paid HKD$1500Deposit to be paid HKD$1000
2.Completion and Return Deposit to be refunded with conditions met:a. Abide by the Exchange Program Policiesb. Participation in at least one preparation seminar prior to departure and at least two reintegration activities upon return

c. Submission of “I’m an AIESECer” story aligned with the template provided

d. Completion of all exchange measurement surveys on MyAIESEC.net when necessary

e. Matched within 12 months after the EP form is available on the system

Do I receive a refund if I cannot find a suitable projects?

AIESEC undertake a selection process to ensure that candidates who are entering our exchange programs have the best chance of finding and Internship. But if you cannot match with an internship after 12-month matching period, 50% of Fixed Fee (HKD $750) will be refunded. 100% of Deposit could also be refunded if you have been rejected in 5 projects with sending out the Acceptance Notes.
The Director of Global Exchange Programme of AIESEC Hong Kong Limited and the Local Committee Vice President of Outgoing Exchange reserve the final decision right.

What is the Student Review Board (SRB)?

The SRB is an interview during which we want to find out whether you are suitable for our program, how you perceive foreign countries, and whether your English skills are sufficient. This is important because we guarantee a certain qualities and competencies when we send students to work in our project oversea.

What is the Inter-cultural Preparation Seminar (ICPS)?

The ICPS is a one day AIESEC seminar, which is run by experienced trainers. You will be prepared for your project and receive useful tips and information. Furthermore, you will be able to talk to AIESECers who have already come back from their exchange or share your thoughts with other people going on exchange soon. You do not need to pay for this conference as it is included as part of your original exchange fee.

What kind of contract will I have to sign?

After passing through selection you will be given a copy of your exchange contract which you will have time to review and return. There won’t be any horrible surprises, however if you would like to view a copy before this feel free to ask for one during selection.

What does AIESEC NOT offer?

AIESEC does not offer tailor made this programme as a product, meaning we cannot offer you an internship at a specific place in a specific country. Candidates entering our programs should be flexible on a variety of countries.

Do I have to be fluent in English to participate?

Depending on the project you take there can be a requirement for fluency in English.
Global Community Development Programmes are more flexible on this as it is a very good opportunity to improve your English or other foreign language skills. We will not require you to pass a TOEFL or IELTS.

Please note that in order to be considered for CSR Abroad, you must attend the recruitment talk on 17 March at City University, Lecture Theatre 6 and also fill out the application form which is due 21 March in order to be considered.


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